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Surgeon is Demand is the leading franchise in tele-based outpatient spinal surgery in the Midwest. As one of the most prominent and established providers of outpatient surgical care for multiple spinal procedures, Surgeon on Demand has established itself as a reliable name in the ambulatory setting.
Spinal surgery in the ambulatory setting has gained significant popularity with patients, providers and healthcare systems due to its efficiency and cost advantages, combined with comparable clinical results.
With an increasing case variety and complexity performed in this setting, outpatient spinal surgery has become the preferred method for multiple neurosurgical procedures around the country. This shift to outpatient spinal surgery has mirrored improvements in anesthesia protocols, pain management, perioperative infections, outcomes and patient satisfaction with the ability for patients to leave the facility the same day and recover in the comfort of their own homes. In addition to the clinical benefits, outpatient spinal surgery has its support by financial institutions owing to this healthcare cost savings.

Surgeon on Demand is proud to have on its panel some of the best neurosurgeons and spinal orthopedic surgeons in the Midwest. Together with our esteemed group of medical professionals, physicians, chiropractors, and other ancillary providers, Surgeon on Demand is leading the market in outpatient surgical care in the Midwest. Our unique model of offering tele-based surgical consultation combined with boutique management of outpatient surgery for outlying patients is a revolutionary model for outpatient spinal surgery that has immense support and popularity in the healthcare field. We offer web-based consultation for patient convenience, followed by complimentary transportation and accommodations for our surgical services across all our facilities. Owing to this unique model of comfortable internet based initial care combined with boutique and complimentary ancillary services for our surgical patients, Surgeon on Demand continues to lead the industry in tele-based surgical services.

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Suregon On Demand is recognized and accredited for our outstanding clinical care. We provide our patients highly specialized assessments, the most up-to-date therapies, cutting-edge surgical procedures and approaches, and well-coordinated follow-up.