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Surgeon On Demand, LLC and its parent conglomerate, Atlas Surgical Group are the largest tele-surgery, ambulatory surgical centers and ancillary services networks in the Midwest. We are dedicated to providing highly efficient medical services at a fraction of the cost of hospital networks. This aspect of Surgeon On Demand and Atlas Surgical Group serves its communities well, and fits in with the tele-oriented narrative the healthcare system is taking in the country today. We provide a base at our facilities for surgeon, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to be able to serve their patients and communities in a time and cost-effective way, leading to savings for patients, insurance carriers and government programs as a whole.

As the pioneers in tele-surgery, we have a unique model of offering outreach services to doctors, attorneys, and other healthcare professionals around the Midwest.

Surgeon On Demand and Atlas Surgical Group have a rich history of serving community needs across the Midwest. We currently own and operate fifteen ambulatory surgical centers, diagnostic imaging facilities, medical and surgical practices and ancillary service locations. Between our facilities, we service more than 100,000 patients a year. We have partnerships with multiple surgical specialists and physicians across the Midwest, as well as strategic partnerships with healthcare networks and law firms. In addition to being the largest private surgical center group in metro areas in the Midwest, our surgical partnerships allow us to offer boutique video-based surgical consultations to patients in areas that have difficulty in accessing quality surgical care.

This network of partners allows us to align our healthcare abilities and qualities with other programs in a low-cost setting. We are the preferred partners for multiple local businesses, service groups, and healthcare programs, owing to the significant cost savings that our enterprise offers in all different aspects of healthcare.

Surgeon On Demand and Atlas Surgical Group further specialize in offering neurosurgical and orthopedic services to accident victims and workman’s comp cases around the Midwest. We offer world class surgical services to attorneys in the field of personal injury, and are the preferred providers for hundreds of law firms.

Our mission remains to put the patients’ care and cost savings first. We take pride in the fact that collectively across the Midwest, our surgeon and facilities serve their counties in saving the healthcare network hundreds of millions of dollars a year in costs that they would otherwise incur with the continued use of the services of expensive hospital networks and their facilities.

Our Tele-surgery model

“If the patient can’t go to the surgeon, the surgeon will come to the patient.”

With this revolutionary and unique concept in mind, Surgeon On Demand created the first of its kind premier video-based remote access surgical franchise in the Country. We are the pioneers in the never seen before concept of bringing the surgeon to the patient.

Healthcare has moved exponentially towards tele and video-based care over the last few years. Surgeon On Demand was created with this trend in mind. Our goal is to provide high-quality and timely access to patients in areas that don't have access to specialized surgical services. This leads to higher patient satisfaction and better financial gains for the providers.

Our process is patented and unique. Our tele-surgery partners in remote areas consist of hospitals, law firms, doctors, and other healthcare providers. We implement a protocol of offering remote video consultation and assessment to patients at their facilities or hospitals. The consultations and subsequent surgical services are provided by world-class surgeon in all fields of surgery, including but not limited to, neurosurgery, spinal surgery and orthopedic surgery. Once the consultation process determines the need for surgery, we arrange for transportation, meals and hotel stay, and ancillary service provision for the patients. Surgical services are provided at our premier ambulatory surgery center facilities around the Midwest.

The key to our success is the revolutionary concept of bringing surgery and surgical access to patients in remote areas around the Midwest. We work closely with our partners to ensure quality of care and standards of medicine are met at all steps of this process.