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Surgeon On Demand is the leading healthcare franchise in the Midwest for tele based orthopedic surgery services. As the pioneer in tele-based outpatient surgical care, Surgeon On Demand leads the industry in providing quality healthcare to thousands of orthopedic patients every year.

Over the last several years a number of orthopedic surgeries traditionally done as inpatient procedures in a hospital setting have moved to outpatient ambulatory surgery centers. This transition has tremendous support, both by patients owing to the comfort and convenience of outpatient surgery, and by insurance and financial institutions owing to the significant cost saving associated with moving these surgeries to a low-cost ambulatory setting.

With the current emphasis on efficiency and cost effectiveness in healthcare, many surgeons and patients are finding the ambulatory surgery center to be a viable option for orthopedic surgeries like total joint arthroplasties, same-day shoulder surgeries or knee surgeries. Many hand and wrist procedures are also commonly being done on an outpatient basis, with both doctors and their patients preferring outpatient surgical set up for same-day surgery.

There are multiple advantages to outpatient orthopedic procedures. The anesthesia doesn’t last as long, the procedure is done in a comfortable and convenient setting, and the cost is lower. That makes the whole process much safer and the recovery time faster. In addition Surgeon on Demand offers a comprehensive personalized service and boutique healthcare planning option, including transport to and from the surgical center, hotel stay, and around the clock nursing support that is extremely popular with our providers and patients.

All our ambulatory surgery centers are held to the same standard of care as the larger hospitals. Surgeon on Demand is proud to say that all its ambulatory facilities are Joint Commission Accredited, a level of honor bestowed only to the highest echelon of healthcare providers. Our orthopedic surgeons perform thousands of outpatient surgeries each year, and we continue to invest in the most advanced orthopedic equipment and techniques to ensure our higher level of care and quicker recovery time. Surgeon on Demand is the pioneer in tele-based Orthopedic Surgery in the Midwest. Our unique model offers a combination of tele-based orthopedic consultation, followed by in-person examination and complimentary transport and accommodation for our outlying Orthopedic Surgery patients. Our tele-orthopedic model is revolutionary in its nature, and it helps us expand our outreach to areas which traditionally would not have access to quality healthcare and surgical facilities.

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Suregon on Demand is recognized and accredited for our outstanding clinical care. We provide our patients highly specialized assessments, the most up-to-date therapies, cutting-edge surgical procedures and approaches, and well-coordinated follow-up.